Thursday, September 4, 2008

Organic Farmer Day 13

20 Jul 2008
Sunny !

our gardenhenna


cucumber the last one
aloe vera

sweet potato
a cup of fresh Melissa herbal tea

Organic Farmer Day 12

01 Jul 2008
Sunny Day

our henna
turmeric leaf

dragon fruit?

rice field

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Organic Farmer Day 11

29 Jun 2008
Rainy rainy day :)

long time no see, we missed out the beauty sunflowers

so pro?? this pic is taken by auntie Yip
the only one sunflower left with yellow color
see ....? all sunflowers were like this

henna still the biggest one

can you see the FROG ?

turmeric, has a good shape leaves

Melissa always be there

our last 3 cucumbers

i forgot what is this

our pity garden after BIG rain