Saturday, January 26, 2008

HomeMade Cakes

Chinese Radish Cake $128 / 1100g

ingredients: radish, chinese sausage, dried scallop, dried mushroom, dried shrimp, rice flour, gluten-free flour, oyster sauce, pepper, sugar, salt.

I love food... I also like cooking, cook with healthy ingredients: olive oil, organic vegetables, fruits, seaweed, agar agar...

Sometimes I share my homemade food with my clients. Like last week I made Chinese Turnip Cake, surprisingly my clients love it and wanted to order more cake from me. Such appreciations from them mean a huge support for me, so I decided to make it available for my customer to purchase from me. Therefore; while I can keep doing my interest, my client can also enjoy my homemade food.

Osmanthus Black Sugar Cake $58 / 1100g
ingredients: water, agar agar, black sugar, osmanthus.


If you interested to try, please place your order 2 days before.
I will freshly make it for you.

tel: 9360 2768 or email