Thursday, July 19, 2007

Natural BUG n SUN Protection

"Sun Protection" is one of the most harmful product if the ingredient contains Mineral Oil, Coal Tar, Talc, and harsh sun protect agents.
It will block and harmful your skin, most common sign appears is blackhead or acne.

After several years research and tested many SPF products, finally we found this USA brand "ALL Terrain" is the very EFFECTIVE yet natural and mild product.

It's well known of Outdoor product as SUN protection and Insect Repellent.

*******"ALL TERRAIN"*******

Mimi's favorite Sun Protection for face and body, also safe for kids. Breathable and easy to clean off, will not block your pores.

PABA-free, contain no petroleum chemicals or animal by-products.

Sun Protect Ingredients: Z-COTE zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, octyl methoycubbanate, benzophenone-3
$78 /1oz $158/3oz

*******"ALL TERRAIN"*******

Mimi's favorite Insect Repellent Spray.
DEET-free and Natural Ingredients ONLY.

contains Powerful BUG OFF Essential Oils:
Oil Of Citronella 10.0%
Oil Of Soybean 5.6%
Oil Of Peppermint 2.0%
Oil Of Cedar 1.50%
Oil Of Lemongrass 1.00%
Oil Of Geranium 0.05%


*******"ALL TERRAIN"*******

For Outdoor COMBO Protection, why not try this one !!
It's Insect Repellent + SPF 15 Lotion

$158 / 4oz

Contains Powerful BUG OFF Essential Oils and SPF 15 Natural Sunscreen Titanium Dioxide.

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