Friday, October 24, 2008

Soap Berry! soap that grows on trees

New product at BeNature :
Soap Berry 無 患 子

soap that grows on trees
The real ECO-Friendly, 100% natural, allergy friendly, effective and multi purpose detergent.

how to use: soak 4 berries with 1litre water for overnight (or soak with hot water for 20mins), and then use the water for any cleaning purpose. *each berry can be used for maximum 4 times*

soak 4 berries with 1litre hot water for 20mins, and then use the water for soak your fruit and vegetables for approximately 20 minutes. then rinse off and enjoy this food free from harmful chemicals and residue.

soak 4 berries with 1litre hot water for 20mins, then add enough water for cleansing bath. add a few drops of your favorite essential oil if you prefer a fragrance. *please keep away from the eyes*

soak 4 berries with 1litre hot water for 20mins, and then use the water for excellent cleaning purpose of kitchen, dish, jewelery, floor, car, even toilet bowl...

put 4-6 berries into a cotton bag or (old sock knotted at top) then place in washing machine, wash your laundry as usual but without detergent and softener. you may add a couple drops of tea tree or lemon essential oil if you prefer a fragrance.
this chemical free berry detergent is excellent for washing children’s clothing. in India, people wash even the finest silks & wools using soap berry.

soap berry are commonly used in Indian households for cleaning and shining jewelry due to its effectiveness. jewelry is soaked in soap berry liquid and then rubbed with a cloth to give it a shine.

Origin: India
$30 / 100g (30berries)
$60 / 250g (75berries)

Soap Berry 無患子


無患子(Soap Berry) 是一種神奇果子,含有豐富的皂素(Saponin),有很好的去污力,而且不會污染水源,是古代中國及印度常用之藥物及清潔劑,用水搓揉可產生泡沬,加水浸泡成為皂液可用作洗澡,洗頭,清潔蔬果,洗衣及家居清潔,而且它含有天然滅菌素,可改善皮膚炎症,如濕疹,頭皮,暗瘡,香港腳等。

用法: 4粒無患子+1公升水浸過夜 (或用熱水浸20分鍾),然後將那無患子水作清潔用途




將4 - 6粒無患子放入布袋,再放入洗衣機和衣物一起洗 (不用再加洗衣粉柔順劑)。如想帶點香味,可加入數滴檸檬或茶樹香熏油。 印度人以無患子清潔羊毛及絲質衣物,衣物柔順又清潔不會有化學物殘留令皮膚敏感,非常適合小寶寶。

原產地: 印度
$30 / 100克 (30果子)
$60 / 250克 (75果子) �

++ each soap berry can be used for 4-6 consecutive loads ++

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

BeNature New shop is Launched !

BeNature is located at a convenience spot, one street behind Times Square, Causeway Bay.
Through visiting BeNature, you will experience a vacation with a taste of Bali. We offer henna hair dye treatment with complete head massage as well as aromatherapy massage treatment in a private room with Bali Bathtub and organic homemade facial. BeNature are proud to highlight our freshly homemade organic beauty products which in line our belief in nature.

view of Happy Valley RaceCourse

organic homemade skincare product
henna hair dye treatment
Aromatherapy bath treatmentbody scrub and massage treatmentorganic facial treatmentprivate treatment rooms

Who we are?

Mimi Tjen
The founder

Born in Indonesia created her passion in Bali lifestyle, i.e., using natural beauty products and love to be pamper by natural traditional beauty treatment.
Mimi has been working in the beauty industry for more than a decade, she is devoted to share her knowledge in natural beauty treatment with her clients.
As a beautican and massage therapist she always select the best natural skincare for her clients.
Appreciational feedback is a motivation for her to explore and develop homemade skincare such as henna, soapnut.
More new natural skin products will be launching soon at BeNature. God Bless!

Alan Wong
In house art director of BeNature who is in charge of graphic design, product design, website design, and shop decorations.